FoxDot “tracks” in 10 lines or less

I’ve started to save loops and ideas into snippets of codes that are less than 10 lines long and put them into a collection on my GitHub. I’m hoping to integrate the repository into the main editor so users can download and immediately use pre-created piece of musical code and play around and learn from it. Please feel free to make a pull request and add your own composition – no rules except 10 lines or less!

Here’s the link and an example below:

c1 >> play("@", dur=1/4, sample=P[:8].rotate([0,1,3]), rate=4, pan=-0.5)
c2 >> play("#", dur=40, room=1, amp=2, pan=0.5)
d1 >> play("")
b1 >> dbass(dur=PDur(3,8), sus=2, chop=4, shape=PWhite(0,1/2), pan=PWhite(-1,1)).sometimes("offadd", 4) + var([0,2],4)
p1 >> space([7,6,4,P*(2,1),0], dur=8, pan=(-1,1))

Author: FoxDot

Python based programming language for live coding music

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