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Alternate notes

In exemple, if I play this:

p1 >> piano([0,2,[4,6]])

The results is:


And I thought it would be:


Am I wrong?

I'm using FoxDot 0.3.6


Hi Jarbowski,

This is caused by an oversight on my end. I will be releasing an update later this week that addresses this (and a few other things) but if you would like you change the code yourself (it's only one line) you can change line 37 from

i, length = 0, LCM(len(A), len(B))


i, length = 0, LCM(len(A.data), len(B.data))

The len() function counts the length of the expanded pattern i.e. len(P[0,2,[4,6]] ) is 6 but len(P[0,2,[4,6]] .data) counts the *actual* number of items in the list, which is 3, and this was causing the problem. Hope this helps.


Thank you.