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Long Samples

Is there a way to play long samples (5-10 sec) and keep usual time signature and tempo?



Hi Jarbowski,

This feature is currently in development and will be added in the next update to FoxDot. I will be looking for feedback on the feature so I look forward to hearing your thoughts after you get to play with it 🙂

Excellent. Can't wait to play with this!

Thank you again, it's a very exciting project!

Hi Jarbowski,

If you update FoxDot to the latest version, using:

pip install FoxDot -U

from the command line you'll be able play longer files using the "loop" SynthDef. Right now, due to size restrictions mostly, there's just a placeholder file but if you add your own files (Help & Settings -> Open samples folder -> _loop_) you just have to identify them by name (without extension). I've uploaded a demo on YouTube and there's a bit of info on the GitHub page. Have a play around with it - I'd love to hear your feedback.