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Effects and Modulation

Hi People,

1.: Thanks so much for FoxDot, it's a huge pleasure to play around with it.

2.: I've been wondering, if there is any way to modulate certain qualities of the fx somehow? Like, is it possible to change the decay time of the reverb or the feedback value of the delay and so on? that would be awesome!

Thanks again!

1. Thanks so much 🙂

2. This is something that needs work and also needs a system  for naming the different effects. If you run the code below you'll get a list of the effects; starting with the SuperCollider name and the arguments used in FoxDot for that effect.


For instance "combDelay" is the name of the effect in SC and it uses echo, sus, and decay (although I'm thinking of adding a "beat_dur" argument instead of sus). The more control over effects you want, the more keyword arguments you need and then you get more words that could apply to multiple effects, such as decay.

You can also have a snoop around in Effects.py if you are interested in knowing a bit more about how it all fits together. Because things like "decay" are used in different effects I'm thinking of adding underscored attributes such as echo_decay (using echo as delay actually delays the start of a sound by "n" beats) in future. Thoughts?