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What is the simple way to convert the music to an audio format?

Hello all,

I have composed a piece of music in Foxdot, and now I want to export to an audio file(any popular audio format is fine) to use it in my game.

Is there any built-in feature in Foxdot that I can use to do it? or do I have come up with my own solution?

Thank you.

Due to the nature  of how it is synthesized you'll have to record it in real-time i.e. play the whole track and record the output. One simple way to do this is by using SuperCollider's builtin recording feature. Simply go to SuperCollider and evaluate:


SuperCollider should give you a message along the lines "Recording: <path_to_file>", which is where you'll find your file. Run your FoxDot code and wait until your track is finished. Once you've done that, go back to SuperCollider and evaluate


This will save your file. I haven't figured out a way to generate a sound file from code but perhaps a feature down the line. If the above doesn't work you can use external programs such as Audacity to record the audio.

Hope that helps!

Thank you. I tried your method and it works flawlessly.

For completion here is rest of the information,

Supercollider stored the audio file in *.aiff extension in the following directory,


1 Min 14 sec long track took up 25MB space.

Then I converted aiff to Ogg using Audacity and size came down to 987KB