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Request examples - how to use env parameters


I know programmers aren't prone to give shortcuts to newbies but I'm asking a simple example on how to use env parameters...ex.attack time.

Being a musician I finally found an exciting way to learn the python programming language through FoxDot...

I'm reading the documentations on git and env is mentioned.

From FoxDot if I "ask" to print attributes of synthdefs I see that env is also an available attribute along with others such: sus, dist, and so on

In Players.py, env is also mentioned in conjunction with some "sub"-keywords such atk, decay, legato and so on.

I have tried to use it calling with just env=some numbers ...but the sound doesn't change so I'm guessing isn't the correct way to use it, despite I get no errors or warnings


I know an experienced programmer have no problem reading the documentation and start to make great and complicated stuff but for us it means learning python first, in an abstract manner and maybe after some time, returning to the problem and find the solution.

Nothing wrong with that but I heard that this kind of "projects" like sonic pi, foxdot, overtone and others are also a softer way to encourage people and kids to learning how to code.

That's why I'm asking for an example on how to use env parameters such attack time to better understand some principles and logic by making a sort of "reverse engineering" later 🙂

If nobody wants to help it's not a problem.

Thanks anyway.


Hi Def! Currently there isn't a way to change the attack, decay, or release of a SynthDef in FoxDot but it's something I want to add in soon. I even went as far as developed a prototype version but it didn't quite work out and it was hard to find consistency: e.g. atk=0.1 - should that 0.1 seconds, 0.1 beats, 10% of the overall sustain? It is definitely something I want to add it soon.

Here is a link to documentation on envelopes in SuperCollider: http://doc.sccode.org/Classes/EnvGen.html if you want to pry in the ".scd" files in FoxDot/snd/ which contains the SuperCollider code for the SynthDefs. Will be aiming to have these parameters available by v0.6. Sorry for the wait!

I thought so...

You don't need to apologise...you have already created FoxDot 🙂

Besides, this kind of "problems" are a good incentive for people like me to dig deeper into programming.

Have a nice day and thanks for all.