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*** ERROR: SynthDef bitcrush not found - SC3 Plugins path to Extensions folder


I'm just a new "user" and first of all...great work FoxDot.



Everything seems to work fine.

I launch FoxDot from Supercollider with FoxDot.start

The problem occurs when I try to use bitcrush fx... I get this error message:

*** ERROR: SynthDef bitcrush not found

FAILURE IN SERVER /s_new SynthDef not found


Any suggestions?

I am new to Supercollider + FoxDot but I have plenty of time to "waste" on learning. 🙂


Hi Def, first of all - thanks for using FoxDot! The bit crush effect is only available if you have the sc3 plugins for SuperCollider installed. If you do then all you need to do is open the FoxDot editor and go to Language -> Use SC3 Plugins from the menu. This just let's FoxDot know they're installed and will load up any SynthDefs that use the plugins.

If you don't have SC3 Plugins can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded place the folder into your SuperCollider "Extensions" folder which, on Windows, is found in a directory that looks like "C:\Users\Ryan\AppData\Local\SuperCollider\Extensions" (replacing Ryan with your user name) and then restart SuperCollider. If you are using Mac or Linux let me know and I'll try and find out where the equivalent folder is. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply,

I thought I have already installed SC3 Plugins.

Silly me! I've checked once again the installation guide and under "Installing SC3 Plugins" there is the answer... "Some of these are used for certain “effects” in FoxDot (such as bitcrush)  and will give you an error in SuperCollider if you try to use them without installing the plugins."

I'm on Mac and Linux...so if you can give me the path would it be great.

Thanks in advance



I found it.

For Mac users(my case):

I run this command from SuperCollider (works on any platform and it gives you the correct path to Extensions folder) "Platform.userExtensionDir" ...which gave me something like  /Users/User/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions.

There was no Extensions folder so I create it and copied the sc3 plugins inside of it and everything now works fine.





Great! I will include this in the installation guide. Thanks for letting me know!

Alternatively, you may install the extensions system-wide by copying to:


as mentioned on sc3 git: https://github.com/supercollider/sc3-plugins.