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Parental Units, FoxDot, and You

I had a weird thing happen.  I was working with FoxDot, wrote a riff, and was looking through documentation to learn the effects and whatnot, and I heard a weird noise.  Then another.  And another.  My mom in the other room happened to say something, and I heard her voice come through, which confirmed that there was something odd happening.  It turns out my webcam microphone was being picked up by SuperCollider, and feeding into the reverb command I had called periodically.  I'm using FoxDot 4.11, SuperCollider 3.8, with the downloaded SC3 Plugins for Windows, in Win10 Creator's Edition (I guess this may mean something, at least version-wise).  So far as I know, there is no possible way for me to have enabled the microphone, since I honestly don't know how to do anything, and after starting SuperCollider, the only code I ran was FoxDot.start;. This never happened, for example, coding directly in SuperCollider, or using TidalCycles, so there may be something in FoxDotQuark doing it?


Here's my code (do we have code tags?):

d1 >> pluck([0,1,[2,3,[8,12]]], room=0.9, size=0.9, mix=0.5)


Is there anything I can do on my end short of unplugging the webcam?  I figured I'd learn microphone controls in supercollider when I needed them, but I guess I need them now.

Hi there, very strange problem indeed although I have noticed a similar issue when running FoxDot and using a high amount of reverb. I did a little investigating and I think I have a solution. Could you go to the FoxDot source code, the directory looks something like:


Edit ServerManager.py using any text editor and go to line 101 (in the function nextbusID) and change

self.bus = 1


self.bus = 4

So that the whole function is

def nextbusID(self):
 """ Gets the next SuperCollider bus to use """
    if self.bus > 100:
        self.bus = 4
    self.bus += 1
    return self.bus

If you could try running your code again and let me know if the error still persists that would be great. As for code in posts you'll need to use the "preformatted" formatting from the drop-down list. Not ideal I know - sorry about that. I'm not sure how the issue relates to the microphone - I just get some general feedback when the bus counter resets and this fixed it for me, so hopefully it'll do the same for you!

I modified ServerManager.py as you recommended, and it seems to have fixed the problem.  I changed back and forth between both to be completely sure, letting it run for a minute, and it never happened with self.bus = 4.

Great to hear - it must be something to do with some of the lower bus numbers in SuperCollider. I'll make sure it's in the next update. Thanks for your help!