A FoxDot Ensemble

I’ve been developing a small Python application for collaborative Live Coding called Troop (https://github.com/Qirky/Troop) that allows for multiple performers to share the same text buffer and truly live coding together.  Following this, I would like to actually see it get used and probably the best way to do this would be form some sort of Live Coding ensemble around this.

The group would not necessarily use FoxDot exclusively – there are several other languages for collaborative Live Coding that exist – but it would be exciting to see Troop in action and get some feedback on the interface etc. Troop can (or rather, will) either be run on a LAN where the server-side application handles all scheduling and sound creation, or on a public server and the clients execute code in sync. Local meet ups will most likely be based in Leeds, UK as that is the where my University is based, but with the magic of the internet it will be quite possible for members to take part remotely.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please get in touch below:


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